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Maryland State Questers

The diversity of the state of Maryland reflects the diversity of these United States.  From the mountains and orchards in the west to the ports and museums of Baltimore and Annapolis and sailing the Chesapeake Bay to the wild ponies of Assateague and the Atlantic Ocean, Maryland has it all. Our history is linked to our indigenous peoples, the enslaved, colonialists, revolutionaries, plantation owners, watermen and merchants of every description.  Maryland has some of the most iconic sites related to the American Revolution, the War of 1812 and the Civil War.  The U.S. Naval Academy sits on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. There is so much to learn about our country right here in Maryland. As Maryland Questers we keep our history alive by supporting preservation, restoration and education.


Our Maryland Questers members belong to chapters located in different areas of the state that meet at least once a month (usually from September through May). Local chapters come together to form the Maryland State Questers and all members are part of THE QUESTERS international organization.  At chapter meetings the highlight is a program focusing on an antique collection, historic story or historic site, often presented by a Questers member, local collector or other expert.  A meeting may take place in a Quester's home, public place or at a historical site like a museum.   Our annual state-wide meeting focuses on a theme with a speaker at a larger, accessible venue.  THE QUESTERS international convention, held in a different state each year, enhances the experience  for members with tours, speakers and mini lyceums. The popular tours highlight the host state's unique history and historical sites, along with emphasis on local Questers preservation and restoration projects. 

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